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Back-Country Wilderness Safari

The Kneeland-Bridgeville Road
A Six Hour Excursion

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     Come join us on an exclusive six hour back-country tour reaching into the remote edges of Humboldt County's unknown world of forest wilderness, prairie grasslands, and isolated homesteads.  Come join us for an off road excursion filled with spectacular mountain scenery and dramatic wilderness views.  See California's longest running mountain ridge (57 miles) and experience the grandeur of mountainous Redwood, Spruce and Fir forests.  Traversing our way to the top most ridge, we will overlook 40 mile views, covering a million acres of remote and majestic back-country wilderness.  Once there we will spend an hour exploring a remote mountain wilderness Chalet and its self-sufficient life-style.  The mountain-top Swisse Chalet will also provide lunch.

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     As we 4x4 through the dense forests, your back-country wilderness guide will entertain you with the history and experiences of early logging and frontier settlements of the region, all the while pointing out forest fauna and wildlife. The last leg of your back-country safari will bring us down to the Van Duzen River, where we will follow it through groves of Giant Redwoods until we once again emerge into the Humboldt Bay region. Allow six hours for this tour.

     If time is short and you cannot accommodate a six hour tour, we can offer you an abbreviated tour which, while covering significantly less, can be accomplished in three hours. We still make it to the Wilderness Chalet, but skip the luncheon.

     This BACK-COUNTRY WILDERNESS SAFARI is offered as an optional addition to your stay, when you book a room for two or more days.  The rate for the six hour tour (lunch included) is $350, with a maximum of four people. The rate for the abbreviated three hour tour is $185. Both rates are in addition to your normal Room Rates at the Victorian Mansion.  As space is limited, advance reservations are recommended if you have an interest in this unique experience.

Discover California's Lost Coast

Mattole Scenic Drive
A Seven Hour Excursion

     This Back-Country Wilderness Safari is offered as an optional addition to your stay, when you book a room for two or more nights. The rate for the seven-hour tour (lunch included) is $350, with a maximum of four people. The rate is in addition to your normal Room Rate at the Victorian Mansion. As space is limited, advance reservations are recommended if you have an interest in this unique "once in a lifetime" experience.

     We will travel 130 miles in our seven hours, and see more majesty and natural beauty than most people see in a life time. If you have binoculars, bring them. If you have a camera, make sure your batteries are charged, and that you have film ! ! ! This is a very inter-active tour. When you see something that you want to stop for (and there will be scores of times), we will stop. The seven hours allocated for the tour is only approximate and is quite flexible, as it allows for two hours of foot exploration. If you need it shorter, it can be shortened. We will make every effort to fit your schedule. Departure from Abigail's Elegant Victorian is flexible as well. We can adjust to anytime between 9am and 11am, with sufficient notice (lunches must be made and Picnic Baskets assembled).

     Starting in Eureka, we drive 17 miles south on rural country roads to cross the Eel River at Fernbridge, one of the worlds largest concrete bridges when it was constructed in 1911 — it's grace, grandeur and historic nature make it a NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK. We continue on across 5 miles of dairy pasture lands arriving for a brief stroll through the Victorian Village of Ferndale — itself a NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK.

     Leaving Ferndale behind us, we then begin what the National Geographic Society has named as one of the thirty-six most scenic drives in the United States — the Mattole Road. The Mattole Road traces its erratic course through some of the most remote areas of the country. Starting from the Victorian village of Ferndale, it rises high atop a ridge of coastal mountains, with spectacular views of verdant ranches overlooking the blue seas of the Pacific Ocean. Then it swings westward to Cape Mendocino, the Western-most point of land in the United States (Alaska & Hawaii excepted), where three giant tectonic plates grind together, preparing to set off the next devastating earthquake.

     After a six mile scenic drive along the rocky coastline (where we may stop to wet our feet in the lapping ocean surf), we find ourselves skirting what is called "The Lost Coast," — the longest completely undeveloped stretch of shoreline in California. Flanked by the highest seaside mountains in the Continental U.S., the Lost Coast provides one of the most remote wilderness treks in the lower 48 states. From the ocean surf the mountains rise to over 4,000 feet in a short three miles; and the annual rain-fall is between 135" to 180". Except for the gentle Mattole River Valley, the area is exceptionally rugged and wild.

     Following the Mattole Road we now turn eastward, to begin our entrance into the Southern Interior of Humboldt County. Here we enter into the bucolic country-side of the Mattole River valley, passing sheep and cattle ranches along the way. The tiny hamlets of Petrolia (we will stop at the "General Store") where in 1864 oil wells produced the first oil west of the Mississippi; and Honeydew (population 18) — both are hardly more than flyspecks across the window. However, the "village" of Petrolia (population 109 — allegedly), with its 1880's white steepled church, is a scene straight from a Norman Rockwell painting. Passing through Honeydew, we cross an historic one lane plank-road bridge spanning the Mattole River, to begin the steep and windy mountain road that leads us over a 3,000 foot mountain pass.

     Once we cross the mountain ridge, we then begin our descent into the Bull Creek Basin and the world-famous "Rockefeller Grove" — a valley full of giant Redwoods and virgin Old-Growth Forests, which crowd into the narrow road like so many heavenly pillars. Here we will stop for a stroll across a foot bridge crossing Bull Creek, to see the famous 1,200 year old "Giant" Redwood tree (17' diameter, 365' tall) of the Rockefeller Forest. With over 17,000 acres of giant redwood trees, this is the largest remaining stand of Old-Growth redwoods in the world, and is part of the 50,000 acre Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

     After steeping ourselves — first hand, up close and personal — in the aura of these primeval giants, we will continue on to the world-famous "Avenue of the Giants", where we will meander through the last ten miles of our trip through the Redwoods. At the end of the Avenue we hop onto the Redwood Highway heading northward back to Eureka. On the way we will stop at the last remaining "Company Town" in California and take a brief tour of the town. The town of Scotia is entirely owned by the world's largest Redwood Sawmill — the Pacific Lumber Company.

     We will then continue on back to Eureka. We will have traveled 130 miles in our seven hours and seen more diversity, majesty and natural beauty than most see in a lifetime. The tour will enrichen both your life and your understanding of this unique and remote wilderness area of California's "Lost Coast".

     For more information about the wonders and opportunities of this mystical and remote mountain wilderness, ask innkeepers Doug and Lily Vieyra - they can provide you with maps, brochures, contacts and more! In the meanwhile, click on to our TRAVEL RESOURCES LINKS below, for information you can use to enrich and enhance your trip planning.


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